Embroidery at Rose Garb

What if I were to tell you that any embroidery you see on an article of Rose Garb was done by a monkey? There is nothing quite so lavish and extravagant as intricate embroidery upon a garment. However, the amount of embroidery being included on my products was very limited, because doing it by hand takes forever. Then not so long ago I was in the market for a new sewing machine and considered investing in a sewing/embroidery machine. They are quite expensive, but the idea of expediting the process of embroidery and achieving any number of beautiful effects was quite enticing. And so, I devoted myself to the research of embroidery machines. For those that don't know, the process of embroidery on such machines involves placing your fabric on a hoop to hold it taut, then hooking the hoop to the machine, flipping through a digital menu of designs on the machine to select the desired pattern, and then pushing the start button. While the machine dutifully stitches up the encoded pattern, you can sit back, relax, and have a cup of coffee. In short, embroidery using a machine is so easy a monkey could do it. (Let me just note, I am not knocking whatever intelligence or creativity monkeys might have. Also, I do not nor will I ever have a pet monkey. Such magnificent creatures should not be in captivity.) I indignantly decided that I would not waste my money on such a device. Embroidery is an art form. It is a skill that I put my blood, sweat, and tears into learning and I am proud of the artistry I have achieved. I won't be so arrogant as to say I will never use a machine for some embroidery, but I will say that Rose Garb is committed to textile art and the skill requisite for its realization. If you find something on Rose Garb with embroidery on it, just ask if it was done by hand. Chances are good the answer is yes.